Thursday, August 13, 2009

A quick travel bento for my Mom :)

Just a little Bento I packed for my mommy for her drive back to WV when she visited in July :) - and now she has this (and another) bento set for packing them for herself :) I didn't want anything that she'd have to worry about spoiling and that would be easier to eat if she wanted to snack while driving.

She has a Fruit salad in the thermal container in the center
Side cup 1 - Sundried tomato hummus, peanuts and cashews w/ a melon gummy on top
Side cup 2 - Dried banana chips and dried papaya
She also had pita in a sandwich bag for the hummus

Woah - I didn't realize I hadn't posted since June :o

Wow, it's been a while since I posted :o All I can say is it's summer and Bento packing has suffered for other activities! Even this week, I haven't packed one bento for Rob and only a few last week. So just so my blog is more complete, I am going to post the mostly lackluster bento that have been packed in July and so far this month :)

Next week we will be going camping, so it'll be another sparse bento week :)

Aug 6 --

Bottom Tier: Mixed greens w/ the usual ham turkey and swiss pinwheels, carrot flowers and hearts and a star shaped boiled egg
Top Tier: another Mitsuwa snack cake, sundried tomato hummus, macaroni salad w/ naruto kamaboko and yummy peach wedges (I ate the rest of the peach - it was a good one :)pita in the lid for the hummus
I have been getting lazy w/ the bentos - haven't been packing as regularly and have been getting bored w/ the same old things - need to change it up a bit!

Aug 4 --

Bottom Tier: Same ol' chef's salad w/ pumpkin shaped boiled egg - I'm getting a little tired of packing the same things all the time, but that's what Rob likes - lol
Top Tier: Mac salad w/ naruto kamoboko on top, baby carrots, snow peas and strawberries
2 Japanese snack cakes from Mitsuwa in the lid

Aug 3 --

Top Tier: Cucumber slices, carrot sticks, kiwi flowers and cherries
Bottom Tier - Mixed Greens w/ baby carrot flowers and cherry tomatoes from our garden, ham turkey and swiss pinwheels and a bunny shaped egg that I just couldn't get to show up in the picture very well - I still need to get around to making that light box...
Some sort of japanese cake thing from Mitsuwa market and a mango gummy in the lid

July 29 -- Perhaps the fastest bento I've ever packed...
Tier 1 - leftover antipasta salad from Little Italy
Tier 2 - Baby carrots, Strawberries and cherry tomatoes from our garden, mac salad, black bean corn salad stuff Rob made (leftovers) and seafood salad, topped w/ naruto kamaboko

July 24 --

Tier 1 - Macaroni Salad, Snow peas, Seafood Salad (also packed crackers in his bag for this), Pitted Cherries, Kiwi flowers and Strawberries
Tier 2 - His usual Chef's Salad of Mixed Greens w. Ham Turkey and Swiss Pinwheels and a sliced boiled egg in a star shape this time and cherry tomatoes from our garden
Hidden Valley Ranch Light for his salad and peas

July 23 --

Tier 1: Macaroni Salad w/ nori decoration :), cherry tomatoes from our garden :), snow peas, cucumber and red pepper
Tier 2: Kiwi flowers, strawberry slices, blueberries, plum slices, Asian jelly treat, peanuts w/ chocolate covered sunflower seeds and cashews w/ mor sunflower seeds
Side Car: Mixed Greens w/ car shaped boiled egg, ham turkey and Farmer's Gouda pinwheels, red pepper and another cherry tomato from our garden
(he was at a dealership that day too - up in CT so I made his lunch a little large knowing he wouldn't be home until late)

July 21 --

Bottom Tier: Mixed Greens w/ car shaped boiled egg, ham turkey and farmer's gouda pinwheels and carrot flowers
Top Tier: Mac Salad w/ Cucumer and carrot flowers, strawberry and melon gummies and greek olive hummus
Side Car: Pitted Cherries (love the cherry pitter Kat got me for Mother's Day - or was it Xmas?), Pineapple, strawberries, plum, Kusagi Peanuts (I think I'm remembering right - I love these things, but the bag's gone to double check...) and a babybel light
He also had a piece of pocketless pita in the lid for the hummus

July 16 --

Bottom Tier: A color lacking salad w/ ham turkey and swiss pinwheels and a car shaped boiled egg that had a big air pocket at the top - grrr
Top Tier: Cherries, Greek Olive Hummus and Macaroni Salad

July 15 --

Bottom Tier: Mixed Greens w/ grilled chicken tenderloin, grape tomatoes and carrot hearts and flowers
Top Tier: Pasta Salad in lettuce cup w/ carrot flowers, blueberries, kiwi and cherriesMango and strawberry gummies in the lid

July 14 --

Tier 1: Pasta salad w/ baran divider, blueberries and cherries
Tier 2: Mixed Greens w/ ham turkey and swiss pinwheels, carrot flowers and car shaped boiled egg
My new bento box that I just LOVE ♥ It is even lovelier than it looked online when I ordered it when I placed my final order from the now closed Ichibankan web store - there is a texture to the flowers that the photo just didn't pick up:

July 2 --
Top Tier: Strawberries and pineapple, cherries and pineapple, Mac Salad w/ Naruto Kamaboko and wakame flowers and black sesame seed 'ground' :)
Bottom Tier: Mixed Greens w/ ham turkey and swiss pinwheels, car shaped boiled egg (what a surprise :P) and grape tomatoes