Thursday, August 13, 2009

A quick travel bento for my Mom :)

Just a little Bento I packed for my mommy for her drive back to WV when she visited in July :) - and now she has this (and another) bento set for packing them for herself :) I didn't want anything that she'd have to worry about spoiling and that would be easier to eat if she wanted to snack while driving.

She has a Fruit salad in the thermal container in the center
Side cup 1 - Sundried tomato hummus, peanuts and cashews w/ a melon gummy on top
Side cup 2 - Dried banana chips and dried papaya
She also had pita in a sandwich bag for the hummus


  1. Where did you get that adorable bento set? I've been looking for a set that I wouldn't have to wrap up but it seems my option is import online only.

  2. Unfortunately, I got it from, who recently closed their online store :( They carry some sets on, but they do usually ship from Japan (though I have ordered from them and had no problems other than the wait compared to ordering from a US store).

    Bento bags are great too if you want to avoid having to wrap your bento in a Furoshiki :)

  3. I'd love to put a link on this blog from mine...
    if you scroll down, on the bottom right you can see my ties to Japan under those posts.
    Love the bento pics. Can you be my mom?!

  4. Thanks Cindy, you are more than welcome to add a link to my blog. I need to do a post soon, I have a couple bentos waiting to be posted :o