Friday, June 4, 2010

A messy, but healthy and yummy bento

I think this bento just kinda looks like a mess.  We had run errand after dinner and I  was tired and just threw the bento together - plenty of color, but the arrangement leaves something to be desired...

I thought about putting faces on the mini quiches, but decided not to worry about it.  I am down to scraps of nori anyway - need to make a run to the Asian Market!

In the left tier, he has mini quiches, baby carrot sticks, pea pods (from the local Farmer's Market they're running on the first Wed of the month through the summer - yay!), strawberries, blueberries and bold chex mix.

The right tier has a salad w/ cucumber flowers, sliced baby carrot, sliced grape tomato and sliced mini yellow pepper.


  1. i like the cucumber! X) thumbs up for asian market! weeeee!

  2. this may not have cute faces, but it's colorful and pretty! :)

  3. Thanks Vai :) Hopefully Asian Market tomorrow!

  4. Thanks Leif :) I know he ate a healthy lunch anyway :)

  5. I don't know if what we do counts as a "Bento". My dh takes his lunch to work, and it all works around his insulated, zippered bag. All the little food containers fit into the insulated bag. He has a big container for a salad, and a smaller container for meat or anything he wants to add to the salad later. He has a little round container for the dressing and a container that fits his drink.
    I love the idea of Bento, even if my view is basic; small amounts of varied and good for you food.

    MaryB - I'd love your visit!