Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back at it :)

Hey folks!  Sorry for the absence - Rob was gone on a business trip to Texas, so I didn't need to pack bento all week :o  But I'm back at it as of yesterday, so the posting will begin again :)

Last night for dinner, Rob wanted Harold's Deli - this is the same Harold's Deli that was featured on Man Vs. Food - you can see a YouTube video from the show here :)

So, anyway, he just wanted leftover deli today, but I couldn't just leave it completely plain, right?!
So, heart shaped sammies it was!

I just used the sandwich lunch container we've had for years.

So, he has Harold's Cole Slaw (I realized when I uploaded the photo, I could have done something creative on top of it, but I was feeling lazy :P)
He also has a new pickle and peppers from Harold's on the side.
At the bottom he has a pudding marshmallow, a kiwi gummy and just a little chex mix.
We'll be having Harold's leftovers for dinner tonight too - it's a lot of food, and being on Weight Watcher's myself, I don't eat a lot of the corned beef on my sammie!

OK, so the picks were too tall, so it was closed with them laying flat :P 

Yesterday's bento was very quickly thrown together; uncreative, but colorful and healthy!

Here he has organic mixed greens w/ southwest chicken strips, shrp cheddar and baby carrot slices in the bottom tier.
In the top tier, he has curried pumpkin seeds (I love these things!), tri colored pepper strips and baby carrots.

Last Friday we took another run up to Mitsuwa - to my disappointment, they no longer had the flower kamaboko, so I had to just get the naruto kamaboko again :(  Oh well, it's still pretty :)
They were also out of pink denbu :(  We were told the small Asian grocery right down the road also carries it, so we'll have to check there soon - we must have missed it (it's pretty small, so we don't go there too often)

Ahmetia got a gorgeous looking slice of cake

I should have stolen a bite!

I also finally got the Tamagoyaki pan this trip - Yay!

Don't you just love the bottom? haha :)

This was Kat's first attempt at a tamagoyaki in the new pan:

Her second attempt for was much better:

While Rob didn't need any bentos this last week, the girls did pack a couple, but I'll start with Kat's for today.  Apparently Ahmetia forgot to take photos of hers for today.

This is Kat's bento in her new set that I got her for Valentine's Day - I've included pics of the closed set below.

I got the set from ebay from a seller in Japan and she, of course, loves it :)

In the largest tier, she has rice, beautiful fresh raspberries that I picked up at Sam's yesterday and forgot to put in Rob's bento :o and her tamagoyaki I showed you above :)

In her second tier, she has some of the Harold's cole slaw, edamame, banana and sweet simmered sweet potatoes that she made this morning.

In tier 3 she has Harold's famous corned beef, shiitake mushrooms (I think also sweet simmered, but she may have done them differently this time - seems like she said something about it, but I was working...), and a pudding marshmallow.

In the 4th and smallest tier, she has half a clementine, a little more banana and sweet simmered black beans from her freezer stash.

Whew!  Yes, that's a lot, but it is her lunch and dinner since they are on campus from 11am until around 8pm tonight.

This was Ahmetia's bento for yesterday.  She has a fish sandwich on a wheat bun that she used black sesame seeds to make a face on, baby carrot sticks, ranch dressing in the container, kiwi and a pudding marshmallow w/ fruit leather flowers.

Just a close-up of her sammie...

This was Kat's lunch bento for last week.

She has sort of a Saboro bento here in the top tier - rice topped w/ egg, edamame and spinach namul.

In the bottom tier she has sweet simmered black beans, coconut jelly w/ blueberries (I think - if not, I'll come back and edit) and salad w/ dressing in the container.

This was Kat's dinner bento for her long Wednesday last week.
Looks yummy, doesn't it?!?

In the first tier, she has Kimchi, Chicken Teriyaki Pineapple Meatballs (they were giving out samples at the grocery store last week - a nice healthier alternative and she says they're very good, but a little pricey for my taste - they were also giving out coupons) on a lettuce leaf bed, edamame and clementine segments.

In the second tier, she has rice and stir fried veggies.

This was Ahmetia's bento last week in her new bento box for Valentine's Day.
I added pictuers of the set below.

She has teriyaki veggies and rice in the bottom tier.
In the top tier she has an Asian jelly, blackberries, 2 quail eggs and pineapple chunks.

Whew!  That was a long one! 
And I'm not done yet! lol

I gave the girls their Valentine's gifts early - As you already know, they each got a new bento set.

This is Kat's set - the boxes all nest inside each other and I also got her the matching chopsticks in a case :)  As I said, this set was from an ebay seller from Japan.
(I also got some new Hello Kitty cutters and a new face punch, but we'll save that for another post!)

This is Ahmetia's new set.  This one came from Very Asia and is on sale for $11.99 - That's a deal!  Mitsuwa had this same set for $18.99.

It has a rice press/shaper and 2 dividers, a belt and a matching bag.

We also gave this set to their friend, along with the cute sandwich cutters she wanted :)

This set may very likely be the next bento giveaway when I reach 50 followers! :D

Happy Bento-ing!!


  1. Wow, everything looks so good! I love that deli bento :)

  2. I ordered that blue bento from veryasia just the other day! Im so excited to get it. It looks pretty large compared to my other bento. I thought it was such a steal! All the food looks yummy! The new boxes are great! Glad to see you back at it.

  3. Did your husband get into our snow while he was in Texas?

    Love the skulls bento!

  4. Thanks :)
    The new boxes are great - I may even order a couple more of the bunny bento just to have on hand for gifts etc... Right now I still have 2 - one will be a prize when we do the bento workshop at animenext (assuming we're accepted again) and the other will likely be a prize on here :)

    Rob kinda got a kick out of the snow there in TX - the poor dealership he was working with kept losing power the next day though :o

  5. Was he in the Dallas area? We broke an all time record with 12.5 inches. I've lived in Texas all my life and have never seen that much snow here in one 24 hour period.

  6. So much yummy food! Love those heart sammies, Kashmirkat! =^ ^=

  7. Just wondering if you got my email....

  8. Welcome back! :D
    Love your new tamagoyaki pan. Agree with you, its bottom is just cool LOL and your tamagoyaki turned out really good :D