Monday, February 1, 2010

A very healthy bento after a very bad weekend!

Oh, we ate horribly this weekend, we did!  Friday was lunch at Chevy's for Mexican, along with beer for Rob and a Grande Mango Margarita for me :)  Then way too much to drink Friday night - Have I mentioned that Rob makes the most awesome Hot Toddies ever?!  Everyone loves 'em, but man are they a kick in the you know what :o

Then lunch Saturday was the leftover Chevy's and dinner was McDonald's - I did get the grilled chicken sandwich w/ no mayo, only 2 fries, just to taste - lol - but then I had to have a hot fudge sundae! 

So, needless to say, it was time for healthy food today!

I picked up some tomatoes on Friday and on Sunday night made the Tabouli (I prefer the tabouleh spelling, but it looks like the other is more common?)

I started by making the pitas.  This is my favorite way to have tabouleh - I place a piece of lettuce in to pita and spread it with hummus - Sabra is my absolute favorite - and place sliced cucumbers on the hummus and fill it with tabouleh - soooo yummy!

For the pictures, I have the pita standing up in the box surrounded by lettuce, but I put the halves in sandwich bags and stacked them before closing the box.

In the other tier is fresh pineapple, blueberries, red pepper strips and baby carrots.

In the lid he has the pudding marshmallow and Mango gummy for treats.
He also had a small container of lite hidden valley ranch dressing to dip the carrots and peppers.

How's that for healthy?!

This is a light dinner bento for Kat.

She lined this with lettuce and then put in her homemade pork bun, clementine segments from half a clementine, 3 quail eggs and the banana bottle is filled with dipping sauce for the pork bun.


Happy Bento-ing!


  1. i need to get back into bento lunch making! maybe seeing all your pics will inspire me again! :)

  2. Healthily beautiful bento! Lovely assortment of good things. It's nice get "back on the wagon" with colorful and nourishing foods!

  3. Leif, you really should - and make Dan cook for it! lol :D

  4. the problem is we end up eating everything Dan makes so no leftovers for bento making. haha. :P

  5. he does sometimes, but that just means we end up eating more! lol