Friday, May 29, 2009

Even a Bento for myself today :)

The last couple days I have been craving a boiled egg - sure, I could have just made myself one and that would have been the end of it, but what fun is that?

So, as I was preparing to pack Rob's bento for today, I started 2 eggs boiling instead of one for his salad (I often do a second one for use in the next day's bento, but being the end of the week, only one would have been needed).

As usual, his bento was packed last night for him to grab from the fridge and take to work. On days he's in the office, he has a fridge available and just places the whole thermal cooler bag he uses into the fridge. Days that he is in a deaslership, he adds an ice pack to the thermal cooler to ensure it stays cool, so I don't worry too much about the foods I pack. It should be noted, however, that if you're not refrigerating your bento or using an ice pack, you may want to take a little more care in choosing what to pack in your bento.

Kat, however, does not refrigerate her bento and should probably be more conscious of what she packs and does add an ice pack if she takes something like seafood salad - although that is typically purchased at Sam's and does at least contain some preservative... Still, I want to point out that if you are packing bento for yourself, be sure to keep food safety in mind.
Biggie, over at the infamous has a great article on the subject at

So on we go to the bento!


His bento is probably a bit big for today, but it is mostly veggies and fruits and we have a tendency to eat later on Friday's. Tonight I am making miso sake marinated salmon - yum! Been a while since I made that :D

May 29 --
Bottom Tier: Mixed Spring Greens 'chef's salad' w/ ham. turkey and swiss pinwheels, cucumber and carrot flowers and a pumpkin shaped boiled egg

Top Tier: Macaroni salad w. carrot flowers w/ cucumber stems and black sesame seed 'ground', sundried tomato hummus and strawberry and melon gummiesSide car: Pineapple slices topped w/ a dried kiwi slice, pitted cherries, baby carrots and cucumberLight ranch for his salad and veggies

He also has a few triscuits in his bag in case he wants them for the hummus - I would use it for the cucumber and maybe the carrots myself, but he tends to use the dressing for that and like crackers or pita for the hummus - unfortunately, my pita was moldy when I pulled it out - I hate when the weather turns humid - whole wheat goods just don't fare well in this weather...

So, since I already had a boiled egg shaped like an onigiri for myself, I decided I needed to pack myself a bento today :) I love steamed dumplings and almost always have a few bags in the freezer, so that was an easy choice for me. Kat's last little bit of spinach namul also sounded delicious and made a great addition to the bento - it was so yummy - I think I'll get another bag or two of spinach and get her to make it again over the weekend :) She loves to cook and this recipe came from her Nintendo DS Light Cooking Coach game.

Here is my finished bento:

I decided to pack myself a bento today - I'm still always surprised how much food the little boxes hold...Top Tier: Chicken Cabbage and Pork Leek steamed dumplings and the Spinach NamulBottom Tier: Onigiri shaped boiled egg w/ nori face, cucumber, baby carrots, celery, pitted cherries and pineapple

Since I was eating this at home, I was able to use an open cup for the dipping sauce. I don't measure anything when I make it, so I can't tell you amounts, but I make it with say sauce, rice vinegar, hot sesame oil, minced ginger and garlic. I buy jars of each at the Asian grocery for timesaving and because I don't have to worry about it going bad - especially as the weather gets warmer!

And finally - Kat's bento for today (reminder - she packs hers herself :)

May 29 -- Top Tier: Umeboshi (or it could be pickled ginger) onigiri, kimchi, raspberries, corn on cob slice, kamoboko

Bottom Tier: Cherries (pitted), baby carrots, imitation crab and spinach namul

Bird's Eye View:

And finally, where I got the boxes :)

Rob's bento is in a Hakoya box from and the side box came from Pikko over at -- every so often she sells a box on her blog :) Thanks Pikko!!

My bento is packed in a Hakoya box from, but is another one that sold out fairly quickly - if you see a box you like on there site, snap it up, they often sell out fast!

And finally, Kat's box also came from and is also sold out - there is no longer even a category for clickety click boxes. I see them on ebay every now and again.

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