Monday, May 18, 2009

The Simpsons!

I guess I'm feeling more inspired at the moment :) Too bad Rob doesn't need a bento tomorrow - I feel a Calvin and Hobbes coming on... (Been wanting to do it for a while since I keep seeing his Complete Calvin and Hobbes set - lol) - Plus we have the in-laws coming in this weekend (on Thursday), so I probably can't spend another 2 hours on a bento this week :o

May 18 -- Close-up!Not quite what I had hoped, but I stilll think it came out ok - took WAY too long - I had a hard time finding a cutter to use for the eyes that wasn't too big or small (except for Homer) - Finally it came to me - a straw! :) So I redid the eyes - then I redid the pupils with the division sign from my punch set - the dot puncher I had was a little bigger than I wanted - would still have liked them a little smaller, but they're ok I guess...

May 18 --

Top Tier: Asian Nut Mix, Pineapple, Mac Salad and The Simpsons! made from cheese, tiny piece of ham for Homer, nori, tiny piece of red pepper for Maggie's pacifier and a bit of tortilla for her bow - Marge's hair and Maggie's bow were colored w/ a food marker

Bottom Tier: Mixed Greens Salad w/ ham flower and turkey hidden underneath, red pepper flowers and car shaped boiled egg, sliced and used in halves for less height - dropped it as I was setting it into the box and messed up the layers a little - grrr...

Melon and Strawberry gummies in the lid and he has light ranch dressing for the salad :)

Kat's Bento:

May 18 -- Top Tier: Edamame, Fried Rice, corn cob slice w/ cheese star, broccoli and imitation crab stick

Bottom Tier: Mixed Spring Greens, Blackberries and pineapple and raspberry vinaigrette in the container

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