Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ladybugs are Back!

I realized the other day, when I was doing the Simpsons bento, that I hadn't done the ladybugs again since I got the tiny hole punch - and I pretty much bought it to make those easier - lol :)

I also ran into Sam's Club on my way home from my lunch meeting yesterday, pretty much just to get the salad. They had such beautiful Raspberries, I just had to buy them :) Hopefully they get used before they don't look so good... Unfortunately, I was running late and ended up getting pulled over for speeding :( - thankfully, since my license was clean, the officer only gave me a ticket for an obstructed view for my GPS, but I was even later for my meeting and I can't stand to be late for things!

My boss asked me if Rob hides in a corner when he eats his lunch :P lol - I told him he likes my bento and shows them off, so there! lol

So, anyway, on to the bento!

May 20 --

Bottom Tier: Mixed Greens Salad w/ cucumber flower halves, ham turkey & provolone pinwheels, a star shaped boiled egg and 2 grape tomato roses :)

Top Tier: Macaroni salad topped w/ green onion & 2 grape tomato ladybugs :), Sundried tomato hummus, pineapple and raspberriesLight Ranch dressing in the container & melon and strawberry gummies in the lid

The grape tomato roses idea came from laurabento on the bento lunches community. She has a tutorial that can be found at
I tore the strip from the second tomato into 3 pieces instead of 4 though :)

Close-up of the ladybugs :) Made from grape tomato halved, nori and sesame seed eyes - honey for 'glue'

Kat's Bento:

May 19 -- Gotta love leftovers!

Bottom Tier: Broccoli, Tandoori chicken and Indian spiced rice (both leftovers from dinner)

Top Tier: Blackberries, Papaya and Pineapple

May 20 -- Japanese Curry, Rice (under the curry), Pineapple, Salad w/ cucumber hearts, craisins and raspberry vinaigrette in the bear bottle :)

The bento box for Rob's lunch is a Hakoya box and came from, but seems to be sold out at this time.

The bunny Hakoya bento box Kat used is from and the Hello Kitty box came from ebay I believe. I bought it because it's microwaveable and even has a vent for that purpose in the lid - too bad she doesn't have a microwave at school! :)

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