Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Garden - No Bento today...

I had a splitting headache last night and didn't end up packing Rob a bento for today - Bad wife! ;P

So, I thought instead that I would post a few pictures of the little garden we have. We still need to get another bag of mulch, and one type of flower didn't make it and they need replaced, but otherwise the garden is going well enough :) Not all the flowers were photographed, but there are lots of rose pictures (I'm not even posting all of them!)

This year we planted olive tomatoes (I assume the same as grape), basil, rainbow mixed peppers, sugar snap peas, cilantro and one garlic chive plant - and there is oregano, that even though Rob insists is an annual, has come back for the third year in a row... I rarely use oregano, so it's a bit of a waste...

I wish we had the space for squash and cucumbers, and we have planted them before, but they take over too much of the little garden.

Rob has a system all set up to automatically water the garden each morning - it's really nice not to have to worry about that - especially if we go away for a weekend :)



Mixed Rainbow Pepper:

Sugar snap Peas - you can also see a little of the watering system Rob has set up for the garden:

Olive Tomato:


Garlic chives:


And just for fun, here are a couple of the flowers and some roses on the rose bush that was supposed to stay small according to the guy at the flower farm where we purchased it...

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