Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A fairly quick bento :)

Yesterday we went to Target for some things (I got the new Dean Koontz book yay! :), then had dinner at the Muscle Maker Grill, so I didn't feel like spending a lot of time on today's bento.

The egg was already boiled, shaped and in the fridge from the night before - As I've mentioned, I often boil 2 eggs to save time the next day. I would only boil one extra egg for this as the shelf life for peeled boiled eggs is much shorter than that of an in shell boiled egg and that is shorter yet than raw egg in the shell as boiling removes the protective oil coating from the outside of the egg. On one web source I perused, a responder claimed that coating the boiled egg (unshelled that is) in oil or parafin would keep it fresh longer - not something I have ever tried...

June 30 --

Bottom Tier: Mixed Spring Greens w/ star shaped sliced boiled egg, carrot flowers, radish slices and ham turkey & swiss pinwheels

Top Tier: Macaroni salad w/ kamaboko & green onion flowers, sundried tomato hummus, blueberry mochi, green tea candy and chocolate covered sunflower seeds

Side car: Pickled veggies (Giardiniera) in lettuce leaf 'cup', pineapple and blueberries

He also had some rosemary garlis triscuits in the lid for the hummus and of course his light ranch dressing.

I happily managed to use 4 of the items I picked up at Mitsuwa last week, though they were all small contributions :) I started to use the carrot flowers on the macaroni salad yet again and then remembered the naruto kamaboko and seeing it used as a flower on an onigiri in my review copy of Kawaii Bento Boxes :) It does make a simple and pretty flower, doesn't it?

This evening I plan to get back into walking with my neighbor when she walks her adorable dog Beau, so we'll see how much time I feel like spending on tomorrow's bento after the walk (it's been at least 2 weeks since I was so sick). Hopefully the thunderstorms will have all passed by then (though I do love a good thunderstorm!)

You've seen this box before, but again, it is from VeryAsia.com and is one of my favorites and the single tier came from Pikko - she sold it on one of her blog posts a while back :)

Happy Bento-ing!


  1. This is so pretty and fresh looking - I love the pinwheels, the kamaboku flowers, everything really. And blueberry mochi!! Want want want.

  2. Thanks :) Sorry for the delay in response, please know I do appreciate the comment! :D