Monday, June 8, 2009

Kat finally did a Charaben :D

Just a quick post today. Rob's bento was packed pretty late and quickly, so it's nothing too special...

By the time I got back from my walk w/ my neighbor last night and finished watching Slumdog Millionaire, it was getting late and I really just wanted to pack a quick bento. I was going to make pasta salad since we're out of his usual Macaroni salad, but I changed my mind and just threw in the deli spirals from Sam's Club.

June 8 --
Top Tier: Pineapple, Snow peas, baby carrot sticks, deli spirals

Bottom Tier: Mixed Spring greens, ham and swiss pinwheels and grape tomato balloons
Strawberry and melon gummies in the lid
Edit - forgot to list the bear shaped boiled egg - must have been my subconscious since it didn't turn out that great - the egg was a little too small (and I buy large eggs!)

Kat finally did a Charaben! :D This is Deady, from a comic by Voltaire.

June 8 -- Top Tier: Spinach Namul, Bean Sprout Namul, quail eggs, kamaboko, baby carrots and coconut gel w/ strawberries (which she said was yummy together)

Bottom Tier: Rice w/ furikake, Sugar snap peas blanched & tossed w/ a little olive oil and salt & pepper, broccoli and Deady made from Nori, cheese and roasted red pepper

And a close-up :)

Rob's box from - Kat's from

Balloon picks from a set of picks from - I have also seen them on

Happy Bento-ing! :)

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