Monday, June 29, 2009

Bunnies!! :)

I don't think it's any secret how much I like the egg molds :) Most often I use the car mold for Rob - it just seems appropriate since he consults to dealerships on a regular basis :) But today I decided I wanted to do the cute bunny - hehe :) He likes his egg presliced on his salad for ease of eating, so it sometimes causes the shape to go a little askew, but it's still cute :)

I just couldn't resist the close-up above - below is a picture of the salad tier and the full bento box (minus the sides) taken in Rob's mini portable photo light studio - Unfortunately, it really isn't big enough for my needs (really only big enough for a single tier bento...) - A web search for a larger light studio brought me to this post on making your own, so this will be my next project I think :):

And below is the entire bento w/ sides taken as I usually take it with a flash - which makes getting a good picture of something like a white egg a challenge - I usually take 10 or so pictures and hope for a good one - Hopefully a photo light box will garner me better photos :)

June 29 --
Top Tier: Pineapple, baby carrot sticks, kiwi flowers, pitted cherries and a few blueberries to fill in
Bottom Tier: Mixed Spring Greens w/ ham turkey & swiss pinwheels, carrot flowers, radish flower and sliced Bunny shaped boiled egg
Side Car: Macaroni salad w/ nori and sesame seed face
Also has light ranch in a container and muscat and mango gummies and a green tea candy in the lid

And here is the new bento box all closed up :) I mentioned the new box on Friday, but hadn't posted a photo - It is still out of stock on - Again, this was purchased at Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ (595 River Rd - is it scary that I have the address memorized? ;P hehe)

My oldest daughter, Ahmetia, has been volunteering in the NJ Renaissance Kingdom, which just wrapped up yesterday. Kat also decided to attend yesterday and they each packed themselves a bento:

Kat's bento:

June 29 --
Bottom Tier: Umeboshi onigiri on lettuce leaf bed, naruto (spiral) kamaboko, quail eggs, spinach namul, soy sauce in bottle, corn cob slice, baby carrots and edamame
Top Tier: Blueberries, Bean Sprout Namul, Blueberries, Takoyaki on lettuce leaf bed/divider, Wakami salad and chocolate covered sunflower seeds

And here are bird's eye views of each tier:

And Ahmetia's Bento:

June 28 --
Top Tier: Teriyaki Chicken Bun (steamed) w/ nori face, toasted onigiri
Bottom Tier: Pineapple fruit jelly, kiwi and mixed spring greens w/ grated carrot
Ahmetia doesn't pack bento very often, and will even less for summer, but when she does and actually takes a picture, hers will be included also. They are both off school for the summer, so there won't be many from them.
Happy Bento-ing!

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