Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Another Day in the Neighborhood :)

I'm not happy about how the egg came out. The shell stuck to the egg and then the slicer caught and the egg was torn a bit more - Grrr... I think the egg is more difficult to slice when it has been in the fridge and is no longer as soft and pliable. Next time I'll slice it before I put it in the fridge when I do an extra egg for the next day and then place it back in the mold and into the fridge. I like to store the egg in the mold to ensure that it keeps its shape for the next day.

We are down to a week until we go up for the AnimeNext convention here in New Jersey. This is really for our daughters. Rob and I don't dislike Anime at all, but we're not Otaku either ( - lol. For the last few years, we have gotten a hotel room so that we can relax while the girls enjoy all the convention has to offer and not worry about us wanting to go home when they want to do all the very late night activities.

So, Kat and I are gearing up for our Bento workshop and trying to make sure we have a plan and everything we need, aside from the food we'll purchase next week. We're really getting anxious for it :D

This is one of the utensil sets I send w/ Rob's lunch each day along with the salt and pepper filled fish bottles :) Just thought I'd share :)

Top Tier: Mixed Spring Greens w/ ham and swiss pinwheels, carrot flowers and a car shaped boiled egg

Bottom Tier: Pineapple, Strawberries and Macaroni salad w/ carrot and snow pea flowers

One of the reasons I debated whether or not to start blogging, aside from the fact that I'm really just plain boring, is that the bento I pack for Rob are mostly very similar, except for those times that I get to feeling like I really wanna do something more fun - Like the Simpsons Bento :) Today's is one of the typical bento days...

And here is Kat's for today:

Bottom Tier: Umeboshi Onigiri, Baby carrots, bear shaped boiled egg, mushrooms, a little iceberg and broccoli for filler

Top Tier: Blueberries, strawberries and pineapple

Bird's Eye View of Kat's Bento - the mushrooms are looking a bit sad...

And now for where I got the boxes :)

The utensil set and fishy bottles came from

The butterfly box is from Happy Mall:

The bunny box Kat used for today is from also sell some Asian food items, rice cookers etc...

Happy Bento-ing!

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