Monday, May 3, 2010

Chewie is delicious!

I totally and unabashedly stole this idea from veganf at Disposable Aardvarks:

Rob loves Star Wars - he even has a curio in our bedroom full of Star Wars goodies - lol - so when I saw this, and realized I had soba and that Rob would probably eat them made into sesame noodles, I was excited :)

I made a sauce of peanut butter, a little sesame sauce/tahini, sesame oil, rice vinegar and say sauce - whisked it all up and mixed into my soba noodles.  I think my ratio is off and it could have used more sauce, but Rob said Chewie was delicious, so score! :)

I did my Chewbacca first, getting him shaped a little and then filled in around him with carrot salad.  I then added some parsley for foliage and cucumber flower halves and grape tomato slices were added.

The other tier has the usual organic spring greens mix, tuna salad in a food cup in the center with a grape tomato flower w/ green onion stems and sesame seed ground.  Cucumber and carrot flowers top the salad.
I also packed crackers in his bag to have with the tuna salad.

For some reason when I went to get the pictures off the camera, they weren't there! :o  Thankfully I had decided to get them off the camera to upload to FB last night and was able to get it back out and take them again - otherwise I would have discovered they were missing after Rob was gone with the bento :o


  1. Yay for Chewie! Star Wars bento are awesome :D

  2. Thanks Jenn :) I enjoyed doing this one :)

  3. At first I wasn't sure what it was and then chewie pops right out at you. Very well done!

  4. I really love star wars so this is fantastic! :D

    Also, the flower design on the second pic is really pretty!

  5. Thanks to the both of you :) Rob said his coworkers who saw it didn't know what it was - They didn't know what a Wookie was :o They got it when he said Chewbacca - lol

  6. Cool Star Wars bento! 2 tiers designed very well :)