Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Last night for dinner I grilled chicken tenders sprinkled with chipotle seasoning, which we ate pretty much as it is in Robs bento for today.  I love when leftovers can be used in the bento for the next day :)

In the top tier, we have hummus, strawberries and carrot salad.
In the bottom tier, we have a mixed spring greens salad w/ cucumber, grape tomato and carrot with the chicken tenderloin sliced on top.

He also has gummies in the lid for a little treat and I packed him a few triscuits for the hummus and light ranch dressing for his salad.

This is Kat's bento for today.

In the top tier, she has an onigiri filled with spicy tuna, some broccoli, strawberries and Aidelle's Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs.

In the bottom tier she has the last of the carrot salad, japanese pickled cucumber, baby carrots and banana.

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