Monday, May 17, 2010

Flowers! :)

So, tell me, do you all prefer the larger pictures I have been using the last couple days, or do you prefer it smaller?  Not that it will necessarily change my mind - lol

This was a fairly quick bento, but I felt like doing a little more to it, so I did the grape tomato roses on his usual salad, with a car shaped egg this time and the usual ham, turkey and swiss pinwheels and a few carrot flowers.

The other tier contains the last of the chipotle macaroni salad and is topped with cucumber, carrot and grape tomato flowers, hummus w/ some black sesame seeds - I tried using a small flower cutter as a stencil, but it just looks like a circle.  Then he has a couple strawberries cut up and topped w/ an extra carrot flower.

We both took the day off tomorrow as we have a friend visiting from California, so there will likely not be a post tomorrow.  How often do you get to know that in advance!? lol

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  1. I prefer larger pics! I love the tomato roses! Great handiwork! Would love to be able to do something like this!

  2. hello! found your blog from hapabento. great! I would have never guessed cucumbers; I like it! looks yummy

  3. Thanks to you both :)
    Asfora, this bento was pretty easy - I will try to find the tutorial that got me started doing the roses - it's been a while, but I think I remember who did it :)
    Rachel, thanks :) I used the cutter from a sandwich cutter/press set to cut the cucumbers :)

  4. I love the larger pics as well. Better to show off your beautiful bentos! :)

  5. hello, im Japanese, EMI, nice to meet you.
    your Bento looks very nice and pretty~ yammy~~~. :)
    do you know Japanese 'Chara-ben' (Character bento)?