Friday, May 7, 2010

Contest time! :)

This is yesterday's bento and was packed pretty darn quickly after a few Cinco de Mayo Margaritas - lol :)

The top tier contains hummus, sliced strawberry and the chipotle macaroni salad I had made the evening before w/ carrot and green onion flowers.

The bottom tier is the usual organic spring greens with more carrot flowers and grape tomatoes.  I also put a bag of triscuits in his bag to go with the hummus.

So, now on to the contest!

Here is what I have decided to do this time - a bento theme contest!
Here's the deal - it can be any theme you want, let your creativity flow :)

I am asking that each person enter only once.  Entries can be emailed to me at and please use the subject line Theme Bento Entry - you may submit 2-3 photos if you'dlike, but only one will be used in the voting.
The deadline for entries will be Saturday, May 22 at midnight EST.
Please pack a new bento for the contest - The idea is to get everyone to get creative - Also please include a description to be posted with your entry - Thanks! :)

If I have 20 or fewer entries, I will place all of them in a poll to be voted on here on my blog - If there are more than 20, myself and my daughters will choose the 20 finalists and the poll will be among those entries.

The winner will receive the bento box, belt and bag set below:

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