Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cute mini sammies :)

For dinner last night, I roasted a chicken.  I love chicken and roasted chicken is one of my favorite things - and really easy to do :)

It was a nearly 8 pound chicken, so we have leftovers for dinner tonight and I used a little to make chicken salad for today's bento.  I didn't measure anything, but I used maybe 3/4 cup torn up chicken, some kewpie mayo and light miracle whip, chopped red onion and celery, salt, pepper and a little lemon juice.  It tasted delicious for such a simple recipe :)

For today's bento for Rob, I felt like being a little cutesier :) 
At first I was going to attempt using the Pampred Chef Cut 'N Seal again, but then remembered these cute sandwich cutters I bought for Kat probably almost 2 years ago that I think she's only used once :o
Well, if she's not going to use them, I will! lol :)

The tops work like a cookie press - you cut the bread and then press the top part onto it to put the impression into the bread.  Aren't they adorable!?

I still really need to make that lightbox - I may even do it today - I just couldn't get a good picture of the bento for today and I was so disappointed since I really was pretty happy with it.  I get tired of my bento always looking pretty much the same, so anytime I do something a little different, it brings out the kid in me - lol :) 

If I weren't out of my light wheat bread, I'd pack a bento for myslef for lunch today and do it again.  Only next time I want to try dipping the press into a little hot sauce to see if I can add a little color to the imprint - and hot sauce w/ chicken salad sounds like a winner to me - yummy :)

I didn't have leaf lettuce, so I picked a few larger pieces from my pre-packaged Arugula blend and tore them in half and arranged in the box to line it for the sammies.  I used a couple small pieces on the sammies to add a little color and a little more freshness to them.  I did two of the flowers simply because I thought they seemed to have a little more surface area and put them in first, then placed the bear and bunny in front of them, or besdie them, depending on how you look at it :)

I then put in the clementine sections.  I wonder if Rob is getting tired of seeing them in his bento since I haven't bought more fruit yet - and likely won't until next week.  Then I went looking through my silicone food cups to find one that 1) wasn't pink and 2) would fit in the little area I had left, oh and 3) was silicone and flexible :)  I filled that with jellied cranberry sauce from dinner, cut into little pieces.  I then filled it in with a few grape tomatoes and added some cute food picks, just because I felt like it :)

The bottom tier is my typical decorated macaroni salad.  I was originally going to do ladybugs, but thought they might be too tall for the small tier, so I went with the carrot flowers with some rosemary & dill.

I'm really liking the homemade macaroni salad, so I think I may continue to make my own for a while.  I just have to remember to purchase more mayonnaise and macaroni on the next grocery trip.  Hopefully I can find the new pasta that has a serving a veggies in each serving of pasta - I really want to give that a try.

Happy Bento-ing!


  1. Your bento looks totally yummy ^-^ And presented so well in this nice box! Great.

  2. Love the mini sandwhiches! I always overfill them and they don't seal right on the edge ><!

  3. Thanks :) These aren't sealed - it seems like they would be too small to make a sealed sandwich - I don't think I'd even try it with these :)