Friday, January 8, 2010

More than just a bento :)

I admit it, I suck at coming up with the subject line for my entries!

The bento groceries are getting a little low, but at least that meant I had to come up with something other than the cute shaped boiled egg and ham, turkey and cheese pinwheels for his salad today :)

My original plan was to use my cute Onigiri bento box with the macaroni salad in the small tier and a tuna sandwich pocket, clementine etc in the onigiri tier.  It was silly of me to try this, never having used the tool from pampered chef before, when I only had 2 slices of bread left.  Live and learn I guess!

As you can see, it was an utter failure.  I think I just put too much tuna into the sandwich.  It was a little difficult to remove as it stuck a little to the edges.  Once I do the grocery shopping (or send my personal grocery shopper - my daughter, Ahmetia), I'll have to try it again...

I would have liked to have added some nice bright red pepper to Rob's bento for today, but alas, I had used the last of it in the macaroni salad.  The little bit of red sundried tomato will just have to suffice.

Jan 8 --

Top Tier: Macaroni Salad (homemade) w/ nori face and black sesame seed mane, clementine sections, hummus w/ sundreied tomatoes on top and wakame salad

Bottom Tier: Mixed Greens Salad w/ a few baby carrot flowers, tuna in food cup topped with kamaboko flowers w/ wakame stems and edamame leaves

Kiwi and Mango gummies in the lid

He also had Rosemary and Sage Brushette Toasts for the hummus and to use as croutons for his salad and a little lite hidden valley ranch dressing

I'm thinking now that I could have bought the naruto kamaboko (or another variety) in addition to the flower kamaboko.  Thinking that Kat wouldn't be using it since she doesn't have classes until the 20th, I didn't think we'd go through it very quickly, but it's half gone already.  Guess that means the next trip to Mitsuwa will just have to be that much sooner! :)

The following aren't bento, but since Kat has been home, she is treating herself well at lunchtime! :)  They are such attractive lunches, I just thought I'd share - you'd think she were Asian :)

Now tell me that doesn't look good!

Udon Soup, a side of Japanese pickled cabbage (that she pickled herself) and her sweet simmered black beans

And her tea of course :)

She used a package of plain Udon noodles and made Dashi w/ soy and mirin - then topped w/ the egg, shiritake, scallions and green onions - looks yummy! :)

And she didn't even make her dear old Mom a bowl :( 

She got such a great shot of the kamaboko, I just had to share it!

Wednesday she made herself a Chicken Don (Torinikudon?) - Basically Gyudon, but with chicken instead of beef - miso soup, sweet simmered sweet potatoes, wakame salad and of course, tea :)

Once again, Mom was left out! :P

Happy Bento-ing!

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Hey, you never know :)


  1. Your bento and your udon are beautiful. Very pleasant to look at and appetizing too! I found your blog via Bento Central and I'm glad I did.

  2. Very colorful on the bottom tier, love it! Udon soup is also look spectacular :)