Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Onigiri shaped egg for a no rice bento :)

When I went to make the tabouleh the other day, I discovered that the package of tomatoes was bad - on the bottom of course, where it went unnoticed until the package was opened.  So, no tabouleh yet...

Today's bento was a fairly quick one. 
I started by getting the eggs boiling while I decided what else to put into the bento.
A while back, I bought a set of 3 egg molds that included the Onigiri, Pumpkin and Ice Cream Cone shapes.  They were purchased on ebay, and although they were a bit pricey, I haven't regretted the purchase :)

I've recently been seeing Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and even Disney's Stitch egg molds - the Winnie the Pooh is a temptation, but so far I've been able to avoid the temptation! lol

I started by putting in the 3 heart shaped silicone cups.  These are shorter than the Wilton heart shaped cups and are great for the shorter tiered bento boxes.

I filled one with the macaroni salad Ahmetia got at the grocery store (the one that isn't very good, but I feel was too pricey to just throw out - ugh, I may break down and throw it out anyway - life's too short to eat yucky food! lol). 
In the next cup, I added the carrot salad I made the other day.  Rob said he liked it, so I'm happy and it will likely become something I use on a somewhat regular basis :)  In the final cup, I put in some fresh pineapple and blueberries.  I love the colors together :)

I filled in the space between the 2 salads with wasabi almonds (I love those things!), then added the baby carrots (trimmed down to fit) and the red pepper strips and pea pods.

For the bottom tier, I put together his typical salad of organic spring greens, topped with the baby carrot slices from the trimmed down baby carrots, ham, buffalo chicken and provolone pinwheels and the onigiri shaped boiled egg with nori face :)

In the lid, I added a pudding marshmallow and a mango gummy.

Wednesdays are the girls long day on campus, so they each have bentos for today:

Kat was running behind this morning and didn't have time to make her rice, so she cooked up some pierogi in the microwave and put sour cream in the dog cup and filled the space with some ham (torn from the trimmings from the ham flowers in the single tier).  In the bottom tier she has clementine segments and blueberries and some wakami salad in the heart shaped silicone cup.

Being a long day, she needs both lunch and dinner.  So in the single tier, she decided to go with soba.  She topped the noodles with some ham flowers and has a dashi soup base in the cup.  She also has an ice cream cone shaped boiled egg that I did last night when I did the onigiri shaped egg.

To save time, I often do 2 eggs and store the 2nd in the fridge, left in the egg mold in a sandwich bad.  I still set the egg in the ice water before putting it in the fridge.  I find the moisture from the ice water helps keep the egg from sticking to the mold the next morning.


Ahmetia only packed one bento for herself, I hope she has enough food (Though she may have grabbed a lunchable or something...)

In the bottom tier she has a cheese omelet.  I always think she overcooks them, but this is the way she likes them.

In the top tier, she has grapes, the last of the veggie samosas, california blend steamed veggies and a pudding filled marshmallow.

It's not a bento, but this was my lunch today - doesn't it look yummy! 

I'm sure it's obvious, but it is a baked potato with a little fat free sour cream, chili and 2% shredded cheddar cheese and some green onion.  Very satisfying!

Happy Bento-ing!


  1. Adorable, happy bentos--but that beautiful baked potato has stolen my heart!

  2. Cute musubi shaped egg! Beautiful bentos and I am dying to eat that baked potato with all of the chili and cheese! :D

  3. Thanks ladies :) That potato was pretty darn yummy if I do say so myself. And so much healthier than chili cheese fries! lol

  4. Yummy! So much delicious fooooodd :D The egg molds are so cute, I wish someone in my house would like to eat boiled egg!

    I like my omelet overcooked too so it looks perfect to me :D

  5. Thanks Jenn :) I'm glad Rob likes the chef's salad with the egg so I have an excuse to put them in :)