Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Chicken Salad

Today's bento is another chicken salad sandwich.  This time I used a flower shaped cookie cutter after 3 more failed attempts with the Pampered Chef Press 'n Seal - Ugh, what a waste of $9...  I tried putting a lot less filling this time and it tore less, but still tore, so I wasted all that bread too - I guess it's possible that it could be the Wonder Kids bread Rob likes.  Maybe at some point I'll give it one more try with different bread - maybe 3rd time will be the charm :)

So, once I finally had the sandwich made, I used pieces of red leaf lettuce from my lettuce mix again and lined that part of the bento box and stuck the sandwich in.  Then put in a oval foil food cup, my favorite one - thinner and very flexible - and added macaroni salad.  I noticed the red cabbage and possibly the red onion have bled a little purplish color onto the macaroni is spots :)

I placed a flower shaped food cup on the sandwich and sprinkled on some paprika to add some additional color and help it show up better in photos and topped the macaroni salad with kamaboko flowers and dill to make it all pretty :)

I then stuck the clementine segments in and added a few grape tomatoes for filler and stuck in a couple cute food picks.

In the bottom tier is a mixed green salad, to which I added some shredded carrot and grape tomatoes and then some ham and buffalo chicken 'flowers'. I've seen these in other bento on the web, but just wasn't happy with the way mine were coming out. Rob said he thought they looked fine, so that's good :) I then rolled up a slice of provolone and cut it in half and put half on each side of the salad.

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Happy Bento-ing!


  1. I've passed the Happy 101 award for you. Please come on by and pick it up!


  2. Thanks! I will add that to tomorrow's blog :)

  3. sigh, those sandwich makers never work for me either... people say to use moist bread, but i still have a hard time... bummer!

    this sandwich is super cute though! and looks like you are a popular lady, like angi, i passed along the happy 101 award to you too! i don't think you have to answer twice though ;-) -- just know that you are doubly appreciated!!

  4. So pretty! This bento has a really lovely and delicate Japanese look--love the kamaboko flowers with dill!

  5. bentozen -- Thanks so much, I do feel appreciated! :) I'm so happy to know my blog is being read at all - makes me very happy :)

    bentobird -- Thanks very much - I love that kamaboko :) I will need to plan to go back up to Mitsuwa soon as it is more than half gone now - Oh darn ;) lol