Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not so pretty, but yummy, bento

Rob didn't need a bento today, so I have one for myself - sort of...
About 15 minutes after Kat left for class, I noticed she hadn't put away the rest of the pork fried rice she had made for her bento, so I decided to finish it off - even though I usually try to stick to brown rice myself...

I also had leftover Cherchie's Spicy Southwest Bean Soup and wanted to get that eaten and out of the fridge.  So, while I was getting some ground beef thawed out in the microwave for the chili I'm making in the slow cooker today, I pulled out the Hello Kitty tight sealed, microwave safe box we have and put the rice on one side and the soup in the other.  The soup was thicker since it has been in the fridge a couple days.
I placed a heart shaped cookie cutter on top of the rice and put in some shredded carrot, pressing it down onto the rice for a little color and sprinkled the soup with about 1 1/2 oz 2% sharp cheddar cheese and some green onion - yum!

Now, here's what I love about this box - it's air tight, like it says, but has vents on the top that you press to open when you're ready to heat your lunch.  I just put the entire box into the microwave and let it heat up while I browned my ground beef and got it into the slow cooker with the rest of the chili ingredients :)

The girls are on campus from 1:30 to 9:45 today for 2 classes each, so they needed a dinner bento each.

Ok, this picture looks funny - for some reason, every time I try uploading it, it turns on it's side - it doesn't look like this in the folder, but each time I upload it, it's back to this - Oh well, I give up...

Kat made her very first homemade pork buns yesterday, so she has one in her bento today on a lettuce leaf, dipping sauce in the banana bottle, pork fried rice using some of the pork she cooked in the slow cooker for the pork buns, shitake mushrooms, edamame, blueberries, daikon salad, bean sprout namul and for treats she has a White Lotus Moon Cake and a puddisg filled marshmallow - yum!

She took some pictures from making the pork buns, so I may post some later in the week :)  Stay tuned!

Ahmetia made herself peanut butter toast rolls using light whole wheat bread and natural peanut butter, california blend steamed veggies and grapes in the first tier and pineapple, blackberries and a jelly cup in the second tier.  What a healthy meal she has here!
I bought her this bento box on ebay last year.  The listing said it was from Japan, circa 1950s :)

If you haven't already, don't forget to see Monday's post and comment to be entered into the drawing for a bento set! :)
Happy Bento-ing!


  1. I like the contrast that the green onions make against the shredded cheese! The box looks really neat, too.

  2. Yummy bento to treat yourself, how nice! Love the Hello Kitty airtight box, very handy :)

  3. I am still looking for a good bento that can carry soup. That soup looks great btw :)

    I can't wait to see more on the buns too :)

  4. Thanks ladies :) It was tasty :) I tried to find this box again, but to no avail...