Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't feel like you must have a pretty bento box to get started!

I think this is a good spot to separate the catch-up posting to comment on the bento you see below.

As much as I love my pretty and cute bento boxes, it's important to mention that they are not necessary. This box was purchased years ago at probably Target or someplace like that. It's gotten a lot of use over the years, but not as attractively as this :)
Rob has gotten used to the smaller, more compact bento boxes and commented that this ended up really being too much food.
I have purchased other lunch containers that are more of an everyday style like this from - Please note that I have no affiliation with them other than having ordered from them.

Oct 19 --
Top: Ham, Turkey, Salami and Swiss sandwich w/ kiwi and mango gummies
Bottom: Mac Salad w/ carrot and dill flowers, baby carrots, pepperoncinis, dates, baby kiwi and an asian jelly

Rob wanted something that would be easier to eat at a desk - says sometimes the salad can be a little messy - He'll be driving up to Albany, NY tomorrow and back home in the afternoon...

Oct 16 --

Top Tier: Baby Kiwi, Dates and Mac Salad
Bottom Tier: Mixed Baby Spring Greens, Ham Turkey Salami and Swiss Pinwheels, grape tomatoes and a bear shaped boiled egg

We saw the baby kiwi in Sam's Club and just had to get them! :)

Unfortunately, Rob ended up going out for Mexican w/ coworkers and this bento went to waste :(

Oct 15 --

Bottom Tier: Mixed Spring Greens, Ham Salami Turkey and Swiss pinwheels, grape tomatoes and car shaped boild egg
Top Tier: Mac Salad w/ black sesame seeds, cucumber slices, checkered apple and pomegranate seeds
Apple and Muscat gummies in the lid

Who needs lunchables!? :)

Oct 12 --

Tier 1 -- Mac Salad w/ black sesame seeds, raisins, kiwi flowers, pineapple and pomegranate seeds
Tier 2 -- Crackers, Sharp Cheddar, Jarlsberg, Ham and Salami and Mayo & Deli Mustard in the mini bento
Raisinets :)

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