Thursday, January 28, 2010

Which came first... ;)

The other night, I was watching some youtube videos and came across one where they did cucumber cups, so I decided to try doing one.  In the video, they used more of an English cucumber than our typical fatter, shorter ones, but it came out ok and made a nice edible container for the hummus :)  I will likely keep that in my bento repertoire for the future :)

I started by putting the last of the carrot salad into the food cup that came with this bento box.  I then put in the cucumber cup and filled it with sun dried tomato hummus, then put in the oval foil food cup and filled it with pineapple and blueberries.  I love these oval foil cups - they are thinner than the baking cups and very flexible to mold into the space I want them to fit.  I ordered them from Ichibankan USA before they closed their web store.  I'm down to only one package now and will be sad to use the last of them!

Next, I squeezed a mini valentines cupcake baking cup on each dise of the cucumber and filled one with those Wasabi Almonds (yes, again - lol) and used the other for a nut cake from a package I bought at the Hong Kong Supermarket last Friday.  The cup provided a bit of a barrier from the cucumber.

I felt like doing something a little different with the egg for today, so I decided to do an egg chick :)  The yolk stuck a little to the egg, but he's still cute, I think.  Next time, I'll try letting the egg cool a bit more before I cut it and remove the top.  The eyes are nori and the beak is carrot.  I usually use black sesame seeds for the eyes, but with nori, I can add a dot of mayo and they stick nicely :)

 I made a little nest of shredded carrot in the center of the mixed organic spring greens and put my egg chick into it and then put the rest of the egg white on the side.

The pinwheels are once again ham, buffalo chicken breast and provolone.

Happy Bento-ing!


  1. The go-green cucumber cup looks elegant in your bento and the egg chick is so adorable (^.^)

  2. Hi, come across through Lil'chan's blog :D. So happy to find another bentoist, love your bento creations :D

  3. The chic looks so cute! I can't wait to try something like that.

  4. The chick has just hatched!!
    Mmm.. Yummy bento! I'd love to try egg chick ^o^