Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Homemade Macaroni Salad this time :)

My daughter's car has died, so I have therefore lost my personal grocery shopper :(  So, I decided to just make homemade macaroni salad.  I don't know that I have ever made it homemade before - If I have, it was many years ago. 

Now we get to try and figure out how to buy them a car to drive before classes begin on Jan 20 - fun, fun right after Christmas...

Anyway, the next post may be a few days - Rob will be working with other people and they will likely order or go out for lunch.

On New Years we drove up to Edgewater, NJ to Mitsuwa to catch the Mochi pounding demonstration.  It was crazy busy!  Couldn't see a thing :(  I think Kat saw a very little bit of it at least. 

The trip wasn't a loss though - never! lol  I was happy to find they had added some new Kamoboko and just couldn't resist the two pack of the flower bento I used in Rob's bento for today - Isn't it pretty!!??  I had intended to buy the naruto kamaboko, but opted for just the one package since it had 2 in it and I was afraid, especially with Kat being out of school until Jan 20, that it wouldn't be used in a timely manner.

This is a pretty small bento for a grown man, but he said he thought it'd be enough.  He took a packet of cup-o-soup and said with that it was just enough.

Jan 5 --

Top Tier: My homemade macaroni salad (I used about 1/3 kewpie mayo and 2/3 miracle whip light) topped with flower kamaboko, dill and kombu for the 'ground'

Bottom Tier: Artichoke & Spinach Hummus, Clementine, Nuts, pea pods and carrot sticks

Peppermint bark in the lid
Kat wanted to pack herself a New Years Bento even though she was home.  She does a lot more cooking than I do and has a bit of a freezer stach going.  The sweet simmered black beans are frozen in little individual servings :)

Kimchee, Sweet Simmered Black Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Bean Sprout Namul, Rice w/ Umeboshi, Tamagoyaki and mushrooms


  1. I've always loved the way you pack your bento boxes! May I please link you on my blog roll?

  2. Thanks so much - And yes, I would be flattered :)